Wayúu Taya Foundation, Inc. is a New York not-for-profit corporation founded to help improve the lives of indigenous people in Latin and South America and the Caribbean while maintaining and respecting their traditions, cultures and beliefs.  The Internal Revenue Service has determined that Wayúu Taya Foundation, Inc. qualifies for classification as a Section 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code.  Prior to founding Wayúu Taya Foundation, Inc., Patricia C. Velásquez, previously founded Fundación Wayúu Taya, a Venezuelan foundation furthering similar purposes.  From time to time, the New York corporation makes grants to the Venezuelan foundation.


The Wayúu Taya Foundation was created with the objective of improving the living quality of the indigenous communities in Latin America, maintaining and respecting their traditions, cultures and beliefs.


Access to food, health care, water and livelihoods for the most vulnerable communities in the indigenous region along the northern Venezuela-Colombia border. This humanitarian work focuses on communities with significant needs and issues such as extreme poverty and alimentary and educational deficiencies that affect the integral development of the children.


To create community centers that will allow the integration of services in the areas of health, medicine, nutrition and preschool and elementary education for the new indigenous generations.

Enable areas that will allow the preservation of the cultural heritage of the Wayúu women respecting their traditions, reaffirming their values and encouraging their integral formation as mothers with livelihood opportunities, as well as providing health services.

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