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Fidel Captures+Site Updates

Screen captures of Patricia from the film ‘Fidel’ have been added to the gallery. The site has been updated with new themes for the main page and the gallery as well. I’m working on updating the information pages of the site as well. Stay tuned for more great image updates of Patricia.

Cleaning Up the Gallery

Hey guys, I just wanted to inform you about this update. I’ve decided to clean up the gallery in the Public Appearances section. I’m going to go through and reorganize/delete double images and move tagged images into a separate album. By separating the tagged images from the regular images, this will make it easier to find non tagged images. This will take some time but I will notify everyone when I’m done in each section.

When I’m finished with the Public Appearances section, I plan on doing the same to other sections in the gallery as well.

I will continue to add new photos of Patricia in the meantime as well. I do have some scans that I will be posting in the upcoming days.

More Scans

More exclusive scans of Patricia have been added to the gallery.


I’ve removed affiliates that no longer work. We do have a new affiliate site, The Mummy Series. Which is a fansite for the Mummy Franchise. To apply to be affiliated with our site please send your link to our email here. Please put Patricia Fan in subject.

Runway Captures

The following runway video  captures have been added to our gallery:

Video Captures

I’ve added a bunch of video captures into the gallery. Stay tuned for a magazine scan update. The gallery also has a new theme.

Social Media

More social media images of Patricia are now in the gallery.


More photoshoot images of Patricia are now in the gallery.